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The Parrot Bliss Bond teaches you everything you need to set up a Quality life for your parrot from food to cages; then it provides help with setting up Quantities of bliss to help you create the bond you want with your parrot, and the love of such an intelligent feathered companion.

Forward written by Tony Silva!

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Adopt a new baby or rehome, I believe that the right bird for you makes all the difference. Whether you rescue or raise, love and a bond mean more.
We like to play ‘match-makers’ – we’ll post birds that are available to rescue or raise!

Parrot Sales: White-Bellied Caique

White-bellied Caique Parrot Sales: The Ultimate Playful Companion If you're looking for a fun, loving companion, consider the White-bellied Caique!  One of the most delightful and entertaining parrots, I like to say that they will teach you to have fun if you don't...

Must Try! DIY Toy, Cage Enhacement & Enrichement! Enhancing your parrot's cage can significantly improve their quality of life by providing mental stimulation and physical activity is great for them and you'll love it too! One effective way to provide enrichment is by creating a homemade...

Shocked Me: A Budding GI Yeast Infection!

Notice Carmen’s Tail This week, I was given a Golden Conure named Carmen by a gentleman who had loved her dearly. After 20 years together, he could no longer provide the life she deserved. Carmen was lonely after having lost her mate some time ago: she was in need of...


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