The 🦜 Z&H Chronicles will begin!

So, Zeus & Hera — African Grey’s, of course — pluck.
When I got them, they were this way- and I see less missing feathers than there used to be. I believe they have improved – but still, pluck.

Time for CBD!

I gave some of our CBD (we sell CBD for parrots and cats/dogs) to Tony Silva, who is a world-renowned parrot expert. He said it’s helped with his Hyacinth macaw and that when I visit soon I’ll see how good the macaw is looking.
We used CBD on Tink, because our sweet Green-cheeked Conure has seizures due to nerve damage (from before we had her). Now I’m going to track use on Zeus and Hera.

🦜 Z&H

In the photo: Zeus and Hera are now in “smaller” cages, each has there own because Zeus was pulling Hera’s feathers out! Poor girl was going to be bald soon – agh!
I put there cages outside in the morning to let them relax in the chill breeze, light rain today and so that they can enjoy the fresh air, as they watch the sky and pond. Their cage doors are opened; sometimes they come out or not. Eventually they usually do. Hera walks around outside or comes in the sliding glass door and looks for a box, or a book, to shred. All in a day’s shredin’
They have each had their own space for about a month and the time apart must be making their hearts grow fonder because they started feeding each other last night (but then went back to their own cages to turn in) and today Hera went over to Zeus’!
Ah, young, feathered love!