What Gender Are You, Parrotlet?

You may already know that Parrotlet parrots are sexually dimorphic (you can see the difference in gender visually); you may know that the males have blue on their wing, on their back and, often, above their eye.

Yes, once you understand this, it’s super easy to know a Parrotlet’s gender.

Unless, of course, they are dilute, or light colors. In that case, you may feel like the rules all flew out the window! All of a sudden, dilute-colored Parrotlets all seem to have no blue!

A Couple Hints For Dilute Parrotlets:

Color, how ‘simple’ and indigo:

The first thing to look for is a blue/purple.

Yes, it is subtle on a Parrotlet, but you will see it. And sometimes it is more obvious when the Parrotlets reach maturity. However, there will be ‘more color’ on males and they will have some blue or indigo on their wings and definitely on their backs. Dilute Parrotlets don’t always have coloring around their eyes though.

As you look at dilute pairs, you will get a sense that the female’s colors are ‘more simple’ and that the males have more color spots – not that this is a ‘rule’ in determining gender, but it’s helped me have a good sense of gender. And sometimes all of the little hints help!

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