Living with parrots is a little like living in a soap opera…

What’s gong on now?

Who squawked?

Who bit who’s toe?

Why is the Macaw yelling outside?

Sometimes the drama is awesome:
“I knocked on your door and Zeus said, ‘Come in!”

They’re cuddling sweetly!

He learned the trick!

A lot of what goes on is hard to catch on my phone because by the time I reach my phone or turn my camera on, the behavior often stops. Of course, all of our parrot’s behaviors can be monsterous (I say that with love) or they can stir my soul. Some of the soul-sirring and heart-melting stories are short and sweet but they make my day-

So, I thought I’d focus once a week or so on a fantastic thing one of my parrots has done to make them a “Star” parrot ⭐!

⭐ Ursulus, My Star!

Ursulus is our (drum-roll for the scientific name, please!) Amazona viridigenalis – known as Red-crowned parrot, Green-cheeked Amazon or Mexican Red-headed Amazon in the US. Ursulus is a character, a very endearing one. On the one hand, he’s only a year and a half old. Lorenza (Yellow-naped Amazon – Amazona auropalliata) and Tikko (Orange-winged Amazon – Amazona amazonica) were both adopted as adults, so we don’t know how old they are. Lorenza has some health issues, diagnosed by one of our avian veterinarians, so she acts a little like a tired, old lady. Tikko is younger, but he acts like an emotionally scarred man whose personal space you have to respect.

Hence, Ursulus doesn’t have a young whipper-snapper to hang out with, because he doesn’t ‘click’ with the young African Capes or Caiques.

My daughter is a Conure girl first and foremost. She likes smaller birds because they aren’t as intimidating as, for example, my Mac’Girls (our two Macaw parrots). Her Conures will sit on her shoulder two to four at a time; they will hang out with her and, as she moves, they surf to the motion. A sight to see!

Ursulus is friendly, learns tricks and is becoming a great talker. He’s approachable, inviting and loving. We have parrots that are like this, like our Caiques and her Conures, but she also wants to connect with a bigger bird. And Ursulus reciprocates the desire for friendship.

Parrots are prone to becoming one-person birds, meaning that they choose a ‘mate’ that is like their ‘best friend.’ They bond with that one person, while also maintaining a connection with the full flock, but the relationship is different. Their one mate is a special relationship. Since I spend a lot of time taking care of my parrots, many of them like me and relate with me. Parrots require meaningful time be dedicated to them, more so than other pets like dogs and cats, in order to connect. Ursulus is my is my star because he is so good at being open with everyone, my husband, myself and -my daughter-.

⭐ He’s A 💖 Star

He is the one medium to big-sized parrot my daughter truly enjoys and plays with more. Animals can be like miraculous healers; they can save our souls, especially when life and people are hard on us. Animals can be confidants, true friends that we can open our hearts to, and therein lies some magical healing.

As such, Ursulus has a large heart and he is good at opening people’s hearts. So, he’s my star this week because my daughter has been developing a connection with him and it warms my soul to see them enjoying each other and doing fun tricks together, or just hanging out.

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