An Aviary? It rocks – and who said it has to be outside?

My 3 Favorite Things About My Parrotlet Aviary:

1) My Parrotlets have room to FLY!
Unlike most cages that don’t allow much room for flight, the aviary allows my Parrotlets to fly for a couple feet! They can get their exercise in here!

2) Territories!
There is enough room in here for several of my Parrotlets to have their own space. Yes, they claim a corner or a space with their BFF (best feathered friend).

3) Room For Their Things
The space also allows me to have several toys, several perches and several feeding stations. No fighting over a perch, a food bowl…
I can give them rope perches, small sticks, large sticks or a swing. The variety is great.

I feel like my Parrotlets are happy and have the room they need to enjoy themselves and have fun.

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