Hi guys! I’m creating a Cookcook for Parrots and I’m inviting you to be part of the book by submitting your recipes!

Please follow the instructions below to submit your recipe – the recipes that are used will be invited to get the book (when first published) at a reduced price!

To submit your recipe:

  1. The recipe name (If this is your creation, feel free to name it! If not, please site the source)
  2. Pick a category:
    Fresh foods (including chop)
    Birdie Bread
    Birdie Cookie
    Birdie Treat (like a Nutraberry)
    Other – please say what it is
  3. Who are you cooking for? (Tell whether it is for any parrot, small ones, nut-eaters or what specific type of parrot it can be made for)
  4. The recipe- please include ingredients and measurements. If there is cooking time, give the temperature and time too.
  5. Do you want your recipe to be anonymous or please give the credit of your name. You can also include your website if you like, (up to 10 characters of a credit line after your first and last name)
  6. Tell us what parrots you have and/or your experience with this recipe! (Up to 200 characters)
  7. Send your email address if you submit your recipe via the FB/Insta messenger!

Please make sure that your ingredients are non-toxic to parrots.

I am aiming for “The Parrot Bliss Flock Cookbook” to be around 120 pages.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please copy and paste the information you need to submit so that you can be sure to include information after each number (example- 1. Kalyn’s Birdie Cookies 2. Birdie Cookie)

If you submit via the website by using the CONTACT US form, it will go via email. If not, please include your email. The recipes that are submitted will be emailed and given early access to order the Cookbook at a reduced price!

Thank you for watching my Parrot Bliss videos – and- thank you for submitting a recipe! I’m excited about having a “Flock” Cookbook!