Improve Your Bond With Your Parrot
Mini-courses are designed to help you choose the right parrot for you and to help you set yourself up to have the best experience possible

Mini-Courses Include

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PB1 How To Choose The Perfect Parrot For You

 In Southern Florida, I’ve seen over 60 species of parrots availble in exotic pet stores- How do you know which is the right one for you?
This course will introduce you to what it’s like to have parrots and help you understand what kind of parrot and lifestyle best suits you.

PB2 The First Days With Your Parrot

You got your parrot, now what? Do you let them out of their cage or keep them in it for a few days?
Experts don’t agree!
Learn the right answer for you, what signs to look for, indicating that your parrot is or is not adjusting well; know what to tell your avian veterinarian at your first check-up and make sure that you are starting off on the right footing with your new best-friend!

PB3 Bringing Home A RESCUE Parrot

How is a rescue parrot different than a baby parrot?
What do you need to watch for? What should you be aware of? What can you expect?

In a lot of ways a rescue parrot is like bringing any other parrot home – but there can be a couple significant differences that you want to be aware of in order to start your bond off right and to maximize the experience with your new feathered family member.

PB4 Parrot Diet: A Healthy Parrot Is A Loving Parrot

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PB5 Biting! How To Reduce & Handle Biting

You are trying to love on your parrot, you take great care of your parrot and in return– you get bitten!

Yes, in most cases biting can be reduced, minimized and all-but illiminated.
Learn how to approach your parrot to reduce biting, how to engage with them; and learn under what circumstances biting won’t go away, so you’ll need another way to engage with your beloved pet.

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