Fruit: Evil Or Parrot-Safe?

Picture credit: Tony SilvaA question on giving fruit to your parrot came up.
We do NOT make fruit a part of our parrot’s regular diet because we don’t have access to unripe fruit. When we get green bananas at the grocery store, we do offer these. I also fry plantains in coconut oil for African Greys and Macaws, but no one else.
Re-posting my comment:
The purpose of my page is to share the love of parrots and to help people take the best care possible so that their parrots are healthy and happy.

In the Wild, What Do Parrots Eat To Stay Healthy?

Field work means, to me, going to parrot’s habitats and observing their natural behaviors to understand how to best meet their needs. I haven’t done this, I look to the research that has.
In the wild, parrots are found eating green fruit. This is because larger animals, like monkeys, don’t allow them to eat the beautiful, ripe and sweet fruits.
I don’t believe that fruit will damage your parrot, but a heavy-fruit diet gives them far too much natural sugar, which they aren’t accustomed to.
We DO give these as treats occasionally and sparingly.

What Do Parrot Experts Give Their Parrots?

Picture Credit: Tony SilvaBirdTricks (on YouTube) talks about having given their Gala a fruit-heavy diet, which made their parrot sick.
Parrot cookbooks focus on vegetables, grains and pellets –
There is a lot of information available and a key is knowing what information to believe and what information is going to lead you astray. Your parrot’s health is probably super-important, so research and make the best choices you can.
For whatever you take my word for, my weighted research clearly shows that ripe fruit has more natural sugar. Like a seed-based diet, too much sweet fruit will create issues in your parrot’s health, especially certain species that are prone to fatty liver disease.
Again, research for yourself, please. Do not take my word or anyone else’s because you have to make the choice and the decision for your parrot and they you get to enjoy a healthy, happy parrot or you have to deal with a grumpy, sick parrot. It is your responsibility. I do the best I know for my parrots and share this.
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