Do you have a Parrotlet?

If so, there are three significant things you should know that will affect how you take care of them.

1 Temperature

Parrotlets parrots are actually very sensitive to temperature. Although most parrots do well and can adjust to different climates, the same does not hold true with the Parrotlet. While they can be outdoors, in temperatures that are cool or temperatures that are too warm, they should really be indoors.

2 The Not-so Good Food

In the wild, most Parrotlets eat unripe, green and bitter fruits. This is because monkeys and larger birds do not allow smaller birds to access the sweet fruits. If your Parrotlet is too hyper or too aggressive, you may want to consider reducing their fructose, or ripe fruit foods.

3 Space To Fly

Even though Parrotlets are very small, the second two smallest in the pcittacine family, they are very active and generally require a lot of space. In addition to letting your Parrotlet let out often, consider the largest cage you can get for them. You will find that they fly all over the cage and all over your house!


Have two Parrotlets, or P’lets as they are also affectionately called. Two are twice the fun for you. For them, they keep each other company, they preen each other and, being flock animals, they keep each other happier and healthier because they feel more safe and at home with their human and P’let flock.

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