Parrot Water Bottle?


If you have parrots, you know one challenge is keeping their water clean- parrots put their food in their water and accidentally poop in it – so providing clean drinking water can be challenging.

One way to keep their water clean is to use water bottles. They need to be taught to use the bottles so that they move the ball that keeps the water from dripping out, but are these the best way to provide water? Do I still use these?

Water Bowls?

The problem I encounter is that my parrots still need water in their cage in case they want to bathe. So I found that the water bottle was problematic for me. While they generally do provide clean drinking water, they didn’t meet the requirements my parrots have. I didn’t feel there was any point in giving my parrots a water dish for them to bathe in and give them a water bottle. Actually, it gave me twice the work!

I like to make sure they have a large enough water bowl, and then I have to make sure to change it during the day to avoid dirty water.