One of the biggest questions people ask is about what to feed their parrot. 
I’ve done a lot of research, asked a avian vet (who is the representative of the US for CITIES – which determine the level of threat of extinction for each species) and looked to see what experts say.
I’ve also monitored my parrots – and I find that their colors look better after a few weeks of joining my flock.
So, here’s what I do:
Every day my parrots get veggies in the morning. I try to vary their 🥕veggies (but, we all know that they require a STAFF, including a chef 🔪).
Some healthy favorites are 🥕carrots and 🌽 (corn should be the NOT sweet kind) – I try to limit the corn, it’s not as good at delivering healthy stuff as other veggies.
I 🥬give them some spinach (this is left in the dish sometimes, go figure!) and cut a bell pepper.
Today I had pomegranate seeds on hand- Lorenza (my YNA) LOVES them, we’ll see how every other birdie feels about them!
In the evenings I sometimes try to share my edamame beans, sweet potato and any other veggie that I am eating.
THE NO LIST: NO AVOCADO, ONION, GARLIC; no fat, no chocolate or caffeen and no apple seeds or fruit pits (is the list I’ve seen). Oh, no alcohol! I’ve told Lorenza, sorry, no tequila for you…
Depending on the size of the parrot, I chop more finely-
A lot of people are more amazing – they make gourmet mixes and chops. I try to keep it relatively simple.
I’m working to add some more leafy greens-
You can see from their dishes, depending on the bird size, I don’t give them a ton (it’ll just get smelly and gross if it goes uneaten). My birds RUSH to their veggie dish when it gets put in, so they do like the variety. If your parrot isn’t eating veggies, you need to add this to their diet. Expect it to take a couple of months, give or take, for them to add the eating habit.
The rest of the day, mine have their pellets (available to be pooped in 24/7, because I try to place the dishes strategically so they don’t poop in them, but…) and, of course, they have water 24/7.
Their pellets and water get changed as needed or once a day when their bowl gets washed (I don’t like eating out of dirty dishes, so I figure it’s gross for them too – I wash people and bird dishes a lot! 🥗
Seeds – we only give as treats (the smaller birds, like budgies or parrotlets, get more– they have faster metabolisms and I believe they need more fat, but it’s still not their core food). Nuts and fruit are a requirement for macaws and African Greys, so they get some every day. I do give some fruit to the medium-sized birds, but not as a part of their daily diet, more as a treat.
LMK if you’ve found another healthy