Ok, I caught Lorenza, my #Amazon_Parrot, red-beaked! I can’t believe my parrot was eating seeds! I can’t believe they were on the counter, how did they get there?

It’s not easy having Amazon parrots living among nut-eatting parrots. Actually, I think a great way to have selected my flock would have been to choose the same kind of eaters. For example, most parrots should not have fruit on their diet. This is because parrots prefer and choose bitter fruit that is unripe and unready to eat, for you and I. They are so accustomed to bitter fruit that they will bypass a ripe fruit on the branch they are on and reach or go further to an unripe fruit in the wild!

So, if you have Eckies (Eclectus parrots) and Lorikeets, then you can dish fruit up for all – ripe fruits.

On the other hand, if you have Macaws and Cape parrots, instead of fruits, you’ll be buying nuts.

It’s just easier to feed everyone the same thing, especially because parrots strongly subscribe to the belief that the food in their neighbor’s bowl is greener…

Amazon parrots, along with Cockatoos and Quakers, are known for gaining weight, which damages their health. These are parrots that need to have a low-fat diet on a regular basis, lest they get fat, weaken their bones — because seeds prevent the absorption of calcium — and their veins collect the fat. Not the picture of health at all!

Lorenza had been that fatty parrot described above. As a part of bringing her health back in check, which I think I got lucky with, she is on a strict no-seed diet. I don’t use seeds as rewards or in any other way with her, they simply are not for her.

So, when she happened to have seeds within her reach… she went for them, knowing that I don’t approve. It’s pretty comical to see her sneaking the seeds and then have her run to her box and bag afterwards!

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