What Is For (Parrot) Breakfast Today?


Greens are important for parrots – just like they are for you and me.

Today my parrots are getting broccoli, kale, green collards, squash and carrots. Frankly, they don’t eat a ton (although they always eat the carrots and squash), so I don’t put a lot in their dish. Parrots are naturally wasteful – It is enough for me to feel good about having offered them fresh foods.

In humans, probiotics are important, especially know that scientists and nutritionists know that our gut is made up of bacteria. There is bacteria that aids us and keeps us healthy and bacteria that is detrimental. That good bacteria is a probiotic. Keeping that good bacteria’s numbers up and thriving can be done by making sure they have prebiotics, which humans primarily get in greens. Parrots must too.

Keep your parrot happy and healthy – if he or she isn’t a good veggie eater, be persistent. It can take over a year to convince a stubborn, adult parrot to try a little something – but it’s worth the many benefits of better health!

Have a questions about parrots?

As the author of “The Parrot Bliss Bond,” I love and welcome questions about having a parrot and creating one of the best experiences of your life!

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