A Couple Things You Can Try If Your Parrot Plucks It’s Feathers

Zeus and his feather plucking update:
I still haven’t ruled out that Zeus may be plucking due to medical-skin issues (read about the different reasons African Greys pluck: https://parrotbliss.com/why-do-african-grey-parrots-pluck-their-feathers/).
The vet had said to give it a while – so I’m focusing on two things: CBD oil and giving him more things to focus his beakly interest towards!
See the box with the hole and bites on it behind him in the picture of him on his cage?
Plucking is hard to break, but we’re trying!
The idea behind the box is that they are similar to ruminants who like to chew the cud; parrots like to peal branches. Often.
We don’t have a lot of branches and trees available — branches should be pesticide-free, should be non-toxic plants/branches and I’m not comfortable with “dirty” wood or plants that have mold or anything on them.This limits what I have for them– greatly.
Have you ever seen a cat play with a paper bag? The parrots seem like this, but with cardboard boxes. I try to make sure they don’t have ink/labels with tape or anything that may be toxic if they bite it. I try to give them “clean” boxes…
If nothing else, between the CBD oil and a focus on engagement via something to peal and peck, we’ll be giving them more engagement!
Read Why Do African Grey Parrots Pluck Their Feathers to learn more about why African Grey’s Pluck.
By Kalyn
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