Three items that I MUST have for my parrot’s cages?

It doesn’t matter whether the parrot enjoys an open-door policy (which I try to give them all) or not, here are 3 things that I have available for them all!

1) No Mess Feeder
I quickly got tired of worrying that my parrots running out of food because they had either soiled it (yuck!) or kicked it all out, spreading it all over the floor while they went hungry that afternoon.

I was thrilled when I discovered the no-mess feeders. They allow me to have more food on-hand so that my parrots can choose to eat more, if they please, and their food stays 99% cleaner. They can also kick it around, if they like, although they no longer do. I guess the fun of scratching or digging is gone, since their food doesn’t go flying.

So these little boxes help me keep my parrots food handy for them, clean and available.

2) Zip Ties
Who knew zip ties were so handy? I can’t believe how quickly I go though them! Some of my parrots learn to open their access doors… sometimes I need to tie an access door open so that they can access their no-mess feeder to eat. Other times I want to zip tie a natural wooden perch to their cage.

No matter what I need them for, the zip ties are convenient. When I no longer need them I easily cut them with no harm done to the cage or my parrot.

I’ve never had a problem with my parrots and the zip ties; no getting tangled or hurt. On the contrary, sometimes my smaller parrots even like to perch on them! Of course, my ties don’t last around my larger parrots, like my Macaws or Capes. These guys are quicker at snipping them than scissors are!

3) Natural Rope
One of my favorite perches for my parrots is rope. It is easier on your parrot’s feet than the metal bars or plastic perches. Similar to a wooden perch, a thick natural rope perch gives my parrots something the love to bite, swing on and perch on. These seem to be a favorite with all my parrots. I also use natural rope to cover the metal perches on their cage play tops. It is obviously easier on their feet (prevents their pads from wearing) and gives their feet a cushion.

These are three things I always have available for parrot’s cages, always!

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