Enhancing your parrot’s cage can significantly improve their quality of life by providing mental stimulation and physical activity is great for them and you’ll love it too! One effective way to provide enrichment is by creating a homemade eatable plant by their cage. This allows you to recycle a water bottle, use your left-over leafy greens or your non-toxic plant clippings.

Here’s how:

1 Start by cutting the top off a clean, empty water bottle.
Ensure the edges are smooth to avoid any sharp points that could harm your parrot.

2 Make two small holes on one sides of the bottle with some spce inbetween them.

3 Cut a piece of aluminum wire that is long enough to thread through the holes and to hang on the side of the cage. Thread the wire  through these holes. File the ends of the wire and turn the wire into itself at the ends so that your bird has no access to a sharp end. Hang the bottle outside the cage by folding the wire over the cage bars, hooking the cage bars.

4 Add water and either leafy greens or non-toxic plant clippings.

These home-made “water leaf bottles” not only provide a safe nibbling option but also introduce new textures and scents to engage your parrot’s senses.

SAFETY FIRST! Make sure to observe initially so that the bottle doesn’t spill and that your parrot can’t hurt themselves on the wire.

This DIY enrichment toy encourages natural foraging behaviors and keeps your parrot entertained. Regularly changing the plant clippings and water will maintain their interest and provide ongoing stimulation. Recycling a water bottle in this way is a simple, cost-effective method to enhance your parrot’s environment and promote their well-being.