Parrots are like people!

They can be trouble, fun, and worrisome!

Cats and dogs are wonderful, easy pets (we have 3). I don’t worry about these four-legged critters. They cuddle, keep us company and are wonderful members of the family.

Our parrots are similar, but…

Heromione never wants to get off of me. She stays on, swings and goes upside-down as move my body through my yoga routine. Lorenza tells me she loves me, fiercely tries to keep people away from me (because she thinks I belong to her) and preens me. She’s probably twice the age of any dog and could have another ten plus years in her.

Yes, parrots are a different kind of pet- more like companions who you have to take care of. Clean, boiled water, freshly chopped daily vegetables and plenty of love and attention are required for a parrot’s well being. These feathered creatures are anything but easy!

🦜Lorenza’s Fatty Liver Disease

I took Lorenza to the vet recently. Lorenza hadn’t been feeling well and I thought I’d heard her breathing heavily. Even though her gram stein test showed nothing, my vet agreed that her breathing was labored, so she fortunately prescribed an antibiotic, which changed her behavior and breathing for the better – yay!

Unfortunately, the vet found that Lorenza’s X-rays show that she is older, which we suspected. She lacks calcium and her bones are weak; her veins also have fat built up in them. It was a sad confirmation of what I really already knew 😥

Lorenza will be on supplements for the rest of her life – liquid calcium and Glucosamine for her bones.

🐦 Heromione’s Bloody Toe

Heromione is a sweetheart. She’s really taken with people and she will spend time on most anyone’s shoulder. So, I was surprised to find blood dripping from her foot when I came to her cage several days ago. Her cage mate, likely, hurt her. We had seen them quarreling some, but it didn’t look bad or serious and parrots do bicker. Now that Heroione’s foot was cut and bleeding, I no longer trust them together.

They immediately got separate cages. Her mate will go to a friend who has more space for his cages and has a female. My male isn’t tame, so I think this will suit him best, as well as Heromione.

To clean Heromione’s foot up, we sprayed Chlorhexidine to disinfect. Next we gave her some of our CBD for Parrots oil because parrots tend to pick at and make their injuries worse. To protect her toe temporarily, we wrapped vet tape around it. Then we put her in a carrier cage to limit her mobility and put her in a dark room (with food and water, of course) so that she’d relax and sleep.

Heromione was fine, but looking a little under the weather. So, I visited a new vet with Heromione, which was great. This vet was super-helpful. She told me that Heromione had lost enough blood for her tongue to change colors, to be lighter than usual. I didn’t know that happened! She also reported that Heromione’s crop was empty, and fortunately she then started to eat some of her pellets in the carrier. The doctor also found a small crack in her cere and a little cut at the corner of her mouth, probably from the altercation with her cage mate!

She gave Heromione an antibiotic and pain medication – and my little African Senegal is doing much better!

🩺 Yes, Parrots Are Problematic & Charismatic Like People!


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