Amazon parrots, often seen as one-person birds, possess a unique blend of independence and aggression. When adopted as adults, these feathered companions might carry emotional baggage from their past. Much like humans, they need time to unravel these complexities, often requiring a significant period, around two years, to heal and rebuild trust.

1. Emotional Space Creating an environment where these adopted amazons are free from coercion and allowed to find their place within a caring family is pivotal. Patience becomes the cornerstone; letting them be themselves, providing love, and nurturing a safe space for them to flourish is crucial to their recovery. This approach facilitates their journey of healing, gradually reinstating trust in human interactions.

To aid in the healing, I like to allow them as much cage-open time as possible, time when their door is open and they can come out or stay in, giving them the power of choice. A person or parrot with choice automatically feels different. They start to learn that there is more love and respect, allowing them relax and trust more so.

Amazing Amazons Despite their loud nature, amazons make incredible pets. Their loyalty surpasses that of many other parrot species. Once they establish trust, they become steadfast companions, always by your side. Their dedication and unwavering presence create a bond that resonates with their owners, making them cherished members of the family.

2. Time The journey with an adopted amazon is an evolution—a process where time, love, and understanding intersect. It’s a testament to the resilience of these birds, showcasing their capacity to adapt, heal, and form unbreakable bonds with those who offer patience and compassion.

3. Environment Try different things, like giving your Amazon the companionship of another parrot or at least the sounds from music or videos. Hearing other parrots provides a feeling of safety and comfort. Provide palm plants, a place for your Amazon to hide when they feel unsafe, a natural “toy” that they can chew and play with.

Every parrot wants to belong to a flock, just like we, as people, want to belong to a tribe. Just the same, parrot or creature, needs to be loved and respected. Provide these and, in time, your parrot will work through their issues. Their aggression will turn to adorableness, when you are patient and understanding. This doesn’t mean that anyone should get hurt (not the people at home or the Amazon parrot); it means that inappropriate behavior should be ignored. Positive behavior should be praised. When this is the case, your adopted, aggressive Amazon parrot will become one of the best pets or birds you’ll have.