Free, Natural Toys

Is there anything better than a #parrot_toy that can be free AND that your #parrot will love?

Here are 3 toys that almost all of my parrots LOVE (or everyone loves at least one of these):

1) Natural egg carton

2) Brown, cardboard box

3) Brown paper bag

Parrot toys can be dangerous for your parrot. Some metal parts, cotton fibers and nylon threads can go so far as to be lethal to your bird. I can never figure out why toys are made this way…

These three, DIY (although there is nothing to do other than check for any other materials (sticker labels, clear tape or anything else you don’t want your parrot to have) are nice because they are made of natural materials and that makes them worry-free toys. And, I’m guessing that like my parrots, your parrots will love them!


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