Golden Conures are hard to find!

Also knows as a #QueenOfBavaria, these parrots are hard to find. So, I chose to take Bonnie Rose, who was the perfect aged parrot for me, even though she’s been at a store for 6 or 7 months.

Unfortunately, those months of not getting to develop show. Bonnie has two apparent issues so far- an inability to balance and a lack of knowing how to fly.

I understand why exotic bird stores do it. The don’t want the bird to accidentally get out. It wouldn’t be fair to the parrot, who isn’t ready to be out in the wild and has been taught how to survive on their own, or to the store, who would lose their inventory.

Because she spent so much time in her cage up until now, Bonnie hasn’t developed a good sense of balance. In nature parrots live their lives on tree branches, which are constantly swaying. This makes them good at balancing on their feet – or just one foot. Bonnie is so used to being in a cage that never swayed that she loses her balance easily.

Not much to say about her flight feathers. Since she doesn’t have them, I know she hasn’t developed her muscles to fly. Nor will she until her feathers grow out, which I’m estimating will take about 6 months.

Finally, Bonnie has an aversion to being picked up out of her cage. She is afraid to step up. Sometimes we can tell that she wants to come out and be with us, but getting out and onto our hands seems to scare her. She can come out of her cage on her own, but the same is still true. If we offer her a shoulder to step up on she does better. Not sure why this is. We figure that she’ll get more comfortable in time when whatever she fears diminishes due to the absence of whatever was happening to her before.

Bonnie Rose is a wonderful Golden Conure. Typical of a Golden, she is loving and affectionate with my husband, my daughter, myself and the birds that approach her slowly. She doesn’t like being ‘accosted’ by someone or some bird approaching her too quickly. We are doing what we can to give her the time and space to relax, get to feeling at home and learn her sense of balance. We want her to feel as much at ease and secure as possible.

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