A Golden Conure, Or Queen Of Bavaria For My Flock

Could it be? Is my dream bird coming my way?

Oh the rich, gold colors of the Queen of Bavaria! I don’t know that any other parrots have such enticing and delicious, deep yellow colors!

The baby is on a special diet and will stay at the store for a couple of week. Ugh! Can I wait that long?

I’ve been dreaming about a Golden Conure for a while. And I mean, dreaming! I’ve had no other night-time sleeping dreams before – only about getting my Golden! I am excited to welcome my baby home.

People rave about Golden Conures and say that this is a parrot you want to add to your “collection.” This Queen of Bavaria (I am trying to find out why they are called Queen of Bavarias) is said to be a great companion and delight their owners.

What Are Queen Of Bavaria Parrots Like?

Will my Golden Conure be loud? Hmmmm Will my Queen of Bavaria be magical?

Enchanting? I have a sense of this, I can’t wait to find out!

Golden Conures are the largest conures. My experience with conures makes me feel they are interesting because they are smart as whips, very personable and can be too couragous. They like to stand up to other parrots, even when the other parrot is bigger than them!

I’m curious about their classification because their diet is similar to a Macaw parrots, but they are classified as conures. They are extremely sociable, even in their breeding. And they are said to be very gentle with their human companions.

I can’t wait to bring my bundle of gold home!

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