Parrots are really like people – but is it enough to share?

Sometimes it is a matter of a parrots breed. Generally speaking, conures are aggressive so they may not share with you.

Of course, it is a lot more about the individual parrot’s personality. Some parrots are more easy-going. My Orange-winged Amazon, for example, is pretty chill. I adopted him as an adult and he’s never been too warm. I don’t know his history, but he was obviously spoken to, but not handled much. He has warmed up more so that he lets me pet him and pick him up – sometimes – but overall, if you don’t cause him problems then he is a great boy. And, he’s great with other parrots too. I’ve never seen any sign of him being aggressive with any of my other parrots. He even shares his perches and his food with LunaLove, my Cockatiel.

Milo, on the other hand, used to be LunaLove’s best friend. Milo begged LunaLove to be kind and to be a freind when she was a baby. Now? Milo is an Indian Ringneck and she’s typical in the sense that she’s independent, doesn’t share and she can be mean. She chases my Mexican Red-headed Amazon when she is given the chance… even though he’s bigger.

Yes, parrots share, especially with their mates – who they feed. They will also share with other parrots that they like, parrots that are ‘in their flock.’

The parrots in my flock are a lot like people. They have likes, dislikes, preferences; they can be in a good mood, talkative or grumpy and loners.

But they are always adding to my bliss!

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