How To Know When Your Feathers Are Expecting!

Depending on the parrot species, the pregnancy cycle is so fast compared to humans!

Mating Parrots

Is that a bulge? Is there an egg in my parrot?

In this video I’m hoping that you can clearly see what a parrot with an egg looks like, even a small parrot, like a Parrotlet,

Three things to look for in assessing whether your parrot has an egg in her:

  1. At the lower abdomen, the female will look like the male unless she is swollen because of an egg
  2. Gently feel for the hip bone on your parrot. Feeling it on the male will give you a feel for a more narrow hip. If your hen has an egg in her, depending on how close she is to laying it, you won’t be able to feel the hip bones
  3. You can also examine the vent. Again, compare it to the male’s vent. Often a hen’s vent will look enlarged or will protrude because of the egg she’s carrying.

Parrots generally lay their eggs within days of becoming fertile — although a hen with no cock can still lay infertile eggs. So, if you can’t figure out whether your girl is eggnant, you can just wait a couple of days. If you still want to figure it out but the above three signs didn’t help, you can also look at her droppings. Eggnant hens tend to have significantly larger droppings because they go to the bathroom less often when they are spending time in their nesting boxes.

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