Hey You! Buy An Amazon Parrot!

How my Yellow-naped Amazon chose me turns into proof that I’m having Macaw issues! LOL!


Have you had a parrot choose you?

If you are getting a new fid, meaning a new feathered-kid/family member, it’s exciting! Frankly though, you look at the parrots and you probably wonder, which one?

Lorenza made it easy for me. She talked to me! Oh, and my daughter pointed out that she was watching me, talking to me and following me with her body as I walked around the store!

Yes, parrots sometimes choose their keepers – I don’t know if I would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself…

Lorenza has been my BFF – best feathered friend. From day one she has talked with me, preened me, been gentle with me and been a sheer joy. I have other parrots that are fabulous, amazing and wonderful. Many! I love them all, but Lorenza and I like to take it easy together, go on walks together and share a salad. No, she still won’t eat spinach or anything else that’s green on my plate, but she’s starting to eat more carrots, so we’re making progress.

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