They say that once you go big, you don’t go back…

🦜It Applies to Parrots

Once upon a time, my daughter wanted a Budgie, so we got Key Lime. Also known as a parakeet, Budgies weigh around 33 grams and are a couple inches tall. The thing about parrots is that they are addictive, like potato chips. It’s really hard to just have one, two, three…

And You Want A Bigger Potato Chip Too

Last summer we got bought Kailani, our Catlina Macaw; we went BIG. She is beautiful, loving and a part of the family, but she needs a companion. (Darn! We need to buy another parrot!) She needs someone she can bond with, eat with and enjoy her life with, because parrots are parrots. We’re her family, but she needs a companion. So we set out to get a Harlequin Macaw- Kamuela, or Kami for short.

Join us in this video as we drive down to our big event at The Aviary at Cauley Square and meet 🥰 Kami for the first time.

The Aviary At Cauley  Square

The Aviary was awesome! My daughter and I like going to exotic bird stores for fun. We like seeing the birds, seeing if there are any new species we’ve never seen and I like getting perches or anything else I need for our feathered-flock. Well, The Aviary has to be the biggest and best exotic bird store we’ve been to.

They had a huge room with cages – yeah, I could upgrade a cage or three…

They had a nursery with available babies, so, so cute!

And a third room filled with toys and food. I wanted to shop, but Kami, at 6 or 7 weeks was the main event and focus.

We loved the vibe. Their birds were healthy and happy; the store was clean, inviting and fun. Oh, best part? Their prices were very reasonable too.

Picking up our new Harlequin Macaw was the best day ever! After we left The Aviary, we went into Cauley Square and sat outside at a 🫖 Tea Garden for lunch. We enjoyed the fabulous 🌴 Miami winter weather, our new baby and a fantastic meal.

Harlequin Macaws: The Best Companions 😗

Harlequin Macaws are said to be the best companions. They are a cross between a Greenwing Macaw and a Blue & Gold Macaw. Greenwings are the second largest parrots, next to Hyacinth Macaws. The cross between them and the Blue & Gold Macaw gives Harlequins the best of both personalities and characteristics.

The breeder said that the Harlequin babies his parrots make tend to be big, like a Hyacinth Macaw (and he pointed to a small Hyacinth in the shop). So far, Kamuela is very sweet and affectionate. He likes being pet and cuddled with. Oh, and he weighs as much as our 1 year-old Catalina.

We are, of course, in love already 💕.

His Character

Well, I don’t know that he’s a he. My fingers are crossed because Kailani is a she and we would like for them to be companions who could also breed.

So, ‘he’ is calm and even-tempered. He is affectionate and recognizes us already. Every day he is more alert and is beginning to engage with the world around him. We got him an all-cloth rubber duckie🦆, which he loves to beak. He and Kailani hear each other and listen more acutely; they ignore the other bird’s sounds. They have also seen each other (they are too young to get to interact) and they really look at one-another 👀. Kami is smart. He quickly recognizes his feeding syringe and has started walking towards it, which is great for training him to come to me.

Our newest flock/family member is off to a great start!

By Kalyn
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