Budgies Are Great Pets Because…

Because they are so smart!

Because they are hearty!

No – because, in their “Budgy” voice, they can be great talkers!

No, no… it must be there size!

The Perfect First Parrot Pet

When I first hear that it was best to get a smaller parrot, I didn’t understand why. What I now understand is that parrots aren’t like cats and dogs in their care or in how we relate to them. Parrots aren’t nearly as clean as cats and dogs and it seems like they are better at getting themselves into trouble!

A Parrot Is Messy By Nature:

As they eat, they drop half their food and manage to spread plenty far beyond their reach. I often joke and say that Kailani, our Catalina Macaw, is feeding the floor… They also poop -everywhere-. Being accustomed to flying and living up in trees, parrots just poop in nature, never having to see their poop again because it falls to the ground, which they don’t see, care about or perhaps aren’t even aware of! Like other creatures, they do try to keep their nests clean, pooping outside their nest, but otherwise, anywhere goes! And they go often!

A Parrot Requires A Cook:

Cats and dogs are fantastic! You can put a bowl of fresh food and water out daily and be worry-free! Not so with parrots! Parrots require fresh foods, vegetables mostly. This means that carrots, broccoli or string peas should be prepared daily. Sure, that doesn’t sound too bad, but they are finicky. In nature they run into different foods all of the time, so you must vary their diet. Sweet potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach may be on the menu next time. Unless they are accustomed to eating fresh veggies, they need to be trained to eat them and variety must be offered to keep their pallet from getting bored!

Did that sound crazy or contradictory? Well, they are crazy and contradictory! On the one hand, you have to teach them to eat healthy vegetables, on the other hand they want variety! It’s like a lose-lose situation because they reject foods they aren’t familiar or accustomed to and they reject foods that they see to often. This means you have to get them used to vegetables, be patient, and provide different choices.

Better still, feed baby parrots vegetables (along with their pelleted diet). Baby parrots take to vegetables like ducks to water!

A Parrot Is Super-social, More So Than Your Dog!

Yes, dog’s are a man or woman’s best friend; a loyal companion. Parrots are similar, but they need your company even more than a dog does! Parrots are highly social and often live in big flocks. They don’t just crave companionship, they require it as a par to their health and well-being. A single parrot runs the risk of being a lonely or even depressed parrot; such a parrot needs a dedicated human companion who has a lot of time to dedicate to their parrot or they need another parrot’s company.

In A Nutshell? Parrots Are High-Maintenance!

But Budgerigars are much less-so. They do make a mess, but they are one of the smallest parrots and therefore their poops and their mess are no where near that of a middle or large-sized parrot. Budgies are smart as whips, can develop great talking vocabularies (in their Budgie-voice) and be true companions.

They come in almost all the colors of the rainbow and a cage their size doesn’t take a lot of space. Of course the larger the cage, the better; but then again, a lot of parrot owners have learned to open their parrot’s door in the morning and close it at night, giving them free, safe range of the home during the day. No doubt, after all, your parrot will quickly become a key part of the family.

Now, Let’s Hear What Tony Silva Says About Budgies!

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