Life Is A Mystery: Let’s Have Some Parrot Fun!

Life is a mystery.  People have used things like Tarot cards to try to understand what they are experiencing within that mystery.

I’m playing around today- a lot of our lives are based on Symbolism, a meaning behind a meaning, which the Tarot card utilize. I don’t think Parrot Symbolism or Tarot exists – but, I’m imagining and having fun with the question what if your parrot evoked a certain energy and meaning into your life?

You parrot is, like everything else, energy first (scientific fact). So, what energetic frequency does your parrot vibrate at? Each frequency resonates an energy, energies such as love, chance, perseverance, creativity, flock/family, ownership (of their territory) and so on-
So, for fun, I’m going to make up a symbol for different parrots over the next weeks. You are welcome to let me know if your parrot matches the symbolism!

This week’s Parrot 🦜 Tarot Symbol: Amazon, Parrotlet & African Grey


Bonded Performers

Characteristics: Bonded, Protective. Emotionally Intelligent.
Behavior: Curious, developing emotional connectivity. Heart-oriented. They sing, learn tricks well and want to form a strong bond with their one mate.
If you have an Amazon parrot, you have Communication and Relationship energies in your life with them. You may be looking for a deeper or more connected relationship in your life or you may be enjoying one. Since Amazon parrots connect a lot by singing, learning tricks and talking, you have the energy of Self Development too. This means that you may have self-development as a strength or something you are looking to improve, and your Amazon can help spark your talents, your heart and ability to connect with others.


Little Package, Big Punch

Characteristics: Feisty, energetic. Protective and unafraid.
Behavior: Parrotlets are certain as they jump or fly around. They are active, quick to bite, but also very dedicated and loving with their mate.
If you have a Parrotlet parrot, you have unforeseeable power present. Parrotets are the second smallest parrot (out of 402 species of parrot), but related to Amazons. This seems to be evidenced in their fierce attitude. They fear nothing, are intelligent and know what they want. This means you have certainty in you life, a great strength, or you want to develop it. You are probably also family-oriented too and taking care of your family is important to you. You may also be underestimated, a Parrotlet has more punch than their size should allow. A force to be reckoned with!


🗡️ A Sharp Wit

Characteristics: Humorous, intelligent and observant. Can also be aloof.
Behavior: Quiet, steady. African Greys move with intent, strike when they’ve asked for a pet and are keep observers and sound-producers. Truly multilingual birds.
African Greys are amazing! In addition to being the best talkers in the psittacine family, they are also multilingual. If then spend time around different langauges they can learn both. They will also know which language you speak, and communicate in that language for you. If you have an African Grey, you probably enjoy comedy, because they have a true sense of humor. You likely know that life can be grand, or it can turn around and bite you, so you have the energy of wisdom and awareness in you home. Intelligence too.
I hope you are having fun reading these! Comment or make a suggestion for a parrat tarot you’d like me to conjure up!