🦜 I was looking for a current pic of the parrotlet babies- This pic is 6 days old, so they look different now!
They change sooo fast!
Parrotlet 🦜 babies fledge (their feathers start to come out) at about 2 weeks and they wean at about 6 weeks (meaning they eat on their own). Ours have weaned earlier, which was why Lizza got to take her babies home already (the green and blue babies in the pic). She’s re-named them: Mr Green Jeans (MGJ) (the green one) and Levi (blue one). She got the two most colorful, handsome boys! She also got some instructions on offering them a little baby food because it’s fun to give them a little and bond, plus MGJ was still hand-feeding some.
My experience with hand-feeding is that all of my babies wean. Some say this is a concern, you want to make sure they wean – but I don’t know any adult parrots who still need to be hand-fed. If they are provided with the love, caring, clean environment, social environment and food needed, they all become strong, happy and healthy birds that eat on their own.
The trick is to provide the what they need. The correct amount of food/formula, the correct mixture, temperature and frequency for the babies. Then they outgrow the need (humans are like this too – I’ve worked with helping people for nearly 20 years as a spiritual/personal developmental guide and helped them improve their lives or heal from their issues).
Extending to another person or animal is very healing and fulfilling. It grows a bond, of course, and creates another vibrant being in the world. I love it! I also love seeing it in my parrots: look at how they all huddle together and keep each other warm. They also feed each other – they may think that there is a bigger bird there to feed them, but they are open and giving. One for all and all for the feathers.