Beak Language

One specific body language greeting that #parrots share in their beak.

A parrot’s beak is very significant to them, maybe as significant as their ability to fly-

Parrots use their beak for everything: as a hand, to experience things, to eat, to feed the parrot they are bonded with and to connect, greet and re-affirm that bond.

Is your parrot connecting with you with their beak? To they try to beak you? Feed you or have you feed them? Do they touch you with their beak? These are all signs that you are in your parrot’s inner circle! Your parrot may have even chosen you as their one special bonded mate!

Bite Or Beak

I distinguish between being bitten versus beaked – biting breaks your skin. The intent is to hurt you – your parrot is probably defending itself. Beaking, on the other hand, is like using a hand. When a parrot beaks you, they may be kissing you, moving your finger gently away or they may be curiously nibbling as they preen or play with your beauty mark or jewelry.

Beaking won’t hurt you, but rather is your parrot’s way of connecting.

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