I’m trying to be quiet in this video to not throw Azure, our new Indian Ringneck (IRN) off…


Got her for my IRN. Well, pluck me!

I wanted Azure to be a “he” and he aint!

And I wanted my IRN to have a companion, but so far, she isn’t having it!

Anyway… I’m working on taming Azure. Ah, parrots! You never know with them… So, to tame Azure, I brought her into a “safe” room – no other parrots. A room for her to hang out in as I work on my computer. She was doing fine and hanging out on a perch, but she jumped off. I approached her and she jumped onto my shoulder. Pretty sure she didn’t mean to come to me! I took advantage though, and let her hang out on me and discover that I’m not THAT bad! LOL

Azure has a damaged wing. The avian vet did an x-ray and said that she may be able to fly some, but the injury isn’t new and scar tissue has formed. Nothing we can do now.

It’s a shame, but Azure need not worry. She doesn’t have to be able to fly and she can fly a little. I have seeds for her to try to give her a wonderful experience she’ll want to repeat, and we’re giving her lots of time. Taming this way requires patience on our part because it’ll take days of several hours stretches to break her current fear-based perception.

She’s already relaxing some. I’m pleased that she hasn’t tried to bite me, while sitting on my shoulder– not that I’m offering my finger or doing anything to surprise, agitate or push her. Instead, I’m letting her relax into a new experience and begin to bridge a connection to people.

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