Parrots & Time

Yes, generally a parrot from an exotic bird store is tame and friendly. That is one advantage to getting your fid from a shop. However, sometimes it takes a little while to sell a parrot and they don’t always get handled and loved while they wait. So, they can ‘forget’ how to be tame.

You can re-tame them, especially if they have been hand fed. It just takes time and dedication.

Decide how quickly you want to tame your parrot. The more time you spend with your parrot, the faster the taming will go. When I’m taming a parrot, I try to spend 6 hours a day with them. For that time, I have them either on me or at least in my proximity. They can be near by on a perch or on my shoulder (shoulder is only for a small parrot or one I don’t think will bite/hurt me or my ear or face).

One problem people run into is that they only spend a little time with their un-tame or less tame parrot and then give up because the parrot isn’t being friendly. That is discouraging and doesn’t work out. On the other hand, if you spend hours and hours with your parrot for five days, you will see a drastic improvement (or at least I have – it also depends on the parrot’s history and age).

Be persistent – parrots are very flock-oriented and mine always seem curious about people. The more time I have to spend with them, the more they bond and enjoy my company.

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