Caique parrots, man, they are so unique!

They are whimsical, determined and, in this video, thirsty.

Yes, Jack figured out how to drink some iced-tea with Quetzi. They are smart, after all!

While caiques aren’t talkers (or they pick up very little English), they are a wonderful, stout and entertaining parrot. I consider them to be large-medium sized parrots.

They are cuddly, they love to hop and they play on their backs. If you are looking for a parrot to spend a lot of time with, to bond with and to share your tea, your life and your fun with, then a caique may be your new best-friend.

As with all parrots, be sure to give them lots of fresh foods (greens, veggies, whole grains and a few fruits- seeds just as treats). They can live 30 to 40 years when they are provided with a happy, healthy and clean life. Love them and they will love you back ten times over!


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