The first time Tiko, my #Amazon-parrot, saw Binx, my #Golden_Conure, he kept greeting him with, “Hello!, Hello! Hello!” over and over.

Tiko was a rescue. Don’t know much about him. He didn’t really want to be affectionate or bond, but if he was left alone, he didn’t bother any person or parrot. He let other birds, like LunaLove, #Cockatiel, hang out and feel protected (because other parrots weren’t going to bother her when she was close to Tiko and he never did anything to make them uncomfortable.

So, Tiko was fine. Life was fine. Nothing to exciting, nothing too worrysome.

And then Binx joined the flock. Even though they are both DNA’d males and even though I’m guessing Tiko is in his 20’s or 30’s and Binx isn’t a year old, Tiko took to Binx. It was love at first sight.

All of a sudden Tiko became excited and animated. He sought Binx out, fed him, groomed him — and no one else (bird or human) was allowed near Binx!

What a pair!

It wasn’t long before I felt comfortable housing Tiko and Binx together. It was clear that Tiko was not going to hurt Binx; instead, he was going to take care of him.

Lately Binx hasn’t been feeling well, so he went to the vet. He got meds and we’re waiting on test results. He seems to be doing better- the wonderful thing is that I see Tiko taking care of Binx. He comforts him. Binx hasn’t been alone, he’s been loved by either of us, mostly Tiko. Tiko has fed him, groomed him and obviously made him feel loved and needed.

Better still, Tiko now understands that I trust him and I trust them being together. This means that Tiko is letting me pick him up and take him back into their cage or bring them out into the family room. In the past Tiko has only let me pick him up when he was in ‘trouble,’ meaning that he flew somewhere and couldn’t get back, like upstairs.

What an interesting bond we are creating, the flock and I. My flock knows that I seek to take care of their needs, including the need to be a flock bird with other birds -usually of their own species. They know I care for them and that I want to bond with them too, and we do. 

However, I can’t be around all the time, so when I’m not, they still have flock members to help provide a place where they belong, where they are looked out for and cared for, especially Binx.

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