Parrots Are Animals, And Animals Bite

Actually, people do too – but that’s a different psychological world. My good friend was visiting and she was asking about a couple of my parrots and whether or not they bite.

“If It Has A Hookbill, It Bites!”

I respond. Like every other creature, parrots bite in self-defense, because they are angry or because it’s their way of saying, “I said, ‘No!”

What Do You Do With A Parrot That Bites?

In the video I’m addressing a question I received: a person had an Indian Ringneck (IRN) and got a second one. The second one is an un-tame two-year old that is meant, in part, to keep the first company. However, the new IRN bites and doesn’t stop! She’s made the time that the person spends with her IRNs painful.

What to do?

In the video I talk about a couple of options and things to consider:

1 – Is this your parrot’s parrot and, if so, do you want to tame it?

2- Are you ready to spend several hours a day with your parrot? Just being with them makes a big difference.

Parrots Should Be Blissful!

Yes, being with your parrot should be like being with the best of your best friends. Your parrot is like a confidant that is always on your side, always happy to be with you and that talk to you! If you are having problems with your parrot biting, turn that around! Spend time with your parrot and join my Parrot Bliss Flock Group on FB today and learn more about how to tame your parrot:

Your parrot is social and wants to be your best feathered friend! If you have the time and inclination, then you can turn those bites into kisses!

Have a questions about parrots?
As the author of “The Parrot Bliss Bond,” I love and welcome questions about having a parrot and creating one of the best experiences of your life!

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