Kiwi – Peach-fronted Conure
Is This Parrot Like Other GCC (Green Cheeck Conures)?

This is Kiwi, who is supposed to be a female Peach-front conure, but someone who has dealt in the bird world told us that his guess is male. Oh no! I wanted to get Kiwi a male mate, should I get a female instead, if I can even find one?

Oh boy! Conures are not sexually isomorphic, which means you can’t tell the males apart from the females. Time for a DNA test! The friend we got her from became ill and had to downsize her flock. Our friend said that Kiwi is female and that we’d be hard-pressed to find another Peach-front conure to be her buddy, since Peach-front conures are rare. We like for our fids to have a buddy because birds are highly social and generally live in large flocks with many other birds.

What is a Peach-front Conure Like?

Kiwi is very sweet. Typical to conures in general, she is very people-personable. She’s my daughter’s, but I like to bring her with me in the car sometimes.

Kiwi is great because she doesn’t bite (meaning that she’ll beak you, but she won’t hurt you). When Kiwi and I are away from the flock, she talks to me, like when we go places in the car. All of a sudden she’ll start squeaking or clicking her beak. I respond with a question and we engage in a conversation – not that she uses words, she chirps, sings and tweets.

I find conures to be very mellow, and Kiwi is too. They are very happy to hang out on a shoulder, see the sights and enjoy some attention. Sometimes they groom themselves, sometimes they fly off to see someone else or play with something they see.

Peach-front conures are not the same species as a Green-cheek conure, which confused me at first because they are basically the same size and weight. Peach-front conures belong to the clasification Eupsittula; Green-cheeck conures belong to Pyrrhura. Not that I can pronounce these!

Parrots are blissful to look at because their display of colors is mesmerizing. Physically Kiwi’s peach-orange and then blue coloring at her crown are stunning! My daughter loves the lime-green coloring on her front.

Conures can be loud birds, but Kiwi isn’t really. The most I hear out of her is when we are on a car ride. I greatly enjoy this about her. My other birds don’t get vocal in the car. It feels like Kiwi is interested in developing a relationship with me, so she takes advantage when she has me sitting as a captive audience.

Having a Peach-fronted conure is easy. They are good eaters, she eats her pellets, veggies and occasional treats. As I said, she’s not too loud so that I think she’d be fine in an apartment, and she does fine with other birds, meaning she just does her thing and enjoys her toys or her time with us. In these ways, she is like other GCG. Her temperament may be a little more mellow; you could say that GCG are a little more playful and curious compared to her.

In any case, Kiwi is a beautiful, breezy girl! (Or so we’re told!)