The three places you can get a parrot are:
1) An exotic bird store
2) A breeder
3) Someone re-homing/ a rescue

Today I went in search of a new parrot store that showed up on Google. I checked out the website – where the prices seemed too inexpensive to be real. I tried using their chat and calling with no response, but someone called back. Said that they were remodeling, but would open again tomorrow. He also said that they did have Hahns macaws and I’m considering getting Emerald a mate.

We drove 20 minutes to the address that maps took us to from their website. No go. It was a house. I tried calling to check the address, thinking that maybe it was a private residence that bred and sold parrots, since this area has big lots with lots of room for aviaries and breeders. Of course, no one answered the phone.

Then my husband looked at their address on Google Places – the address given was a couple of miles away, so we went. Again, the residence clearly had no parrots, no aviaries –

My husband then looked at the reviews on Places – one person in Denmark said that they had ordered a parrot, but it never came. No doubt, the prices were unreal because the parrots were too.

Watch out for scams. Be willing to travel – I would not purchase or put money down for a parrot unless I was already familiar with the seller or new that it was coming from a reputable store. Ask around, look online and check to see that they a seller/breeder or rescue has social media and a following. Nothing will provide a 100% guarantee, but at least you are far more likely to get the parrot companion of your dreams if you look for some key indicators. You can also look for an online group that is all about parrots or specific parrots. There are forums for Indian Ringnecks and Facebook pages for conures, amazons and more – people here have parrots and may be able to refer you to a real parrot seller!

I do the same on my FB page, sometimes I post parrots that are for sale by a breeder or exotic bird store that I know and trust- I like helping parrots and people find each other.

Parrots are expensive and they are expensive to keep! Be willing to travel to meet your parrot to make sure that he or she is the right bird for you and to make sure that you are paying for a real, healthy and sweet companion.