Small Parrots May Be Nicer Parrots

I must say, “small” parrots often get forgotten for larger ones because larger parrots have a larger presence and talk more clearly, generally speaking. I would even say that my larger parrots are more easily felt and heard when they are asking for or demanding our attention!

Does Size Matter For A Parrot’s Brain?

I can’t say it does. Yes, certain species are remarkably smart, but sometimes I feel like “they’re very intelligent!” is used to describe every species that’s talked about…

However, a parrot’s cleverness is pronounced at any size and, a 🦜 personality is going to be more enjoyable and noticeable when you dedicate time to them, regardless of their size. This applies to anything in life, like a hobby, a relationship or a job…

In this light, smaller parrots can be a lot easier to live with and take care of. The mess they make is so much less noticeable and they literally, of course, take less space. My Macaws practically take the living room whereas my smaller lovebird doesn’t even have cage! He thinks he is an old, free soul who can’t be contained! 

Poop Size Matters; Actually, It Really Matters

In case you aren’t familiar with parrots, a smaller parrot’s poop isn’t something you want on your shirt or on your couch, but a Budgie’s poop or a Parrotlet’s can be flicked off. It’s really not a big deal; you may not even notice it. A Macaw’s poop, on the other hand… it’s about the size of a Budgie or Parrotlet! It might splatter some and it can’t be ignored – at all.

Similar to many other large species, Macaws are messy. Really messy. Sure, all parrots are – by nature’s design. Parrots are programmed to drop half the food they are eating, thereby spreading food and growing their natural environments. It’s like they are nature’s farmers, seeding the ground. Again size dictates the amount of mess that gets ‘farmed.’ Small parrots can make a mess of their food, but larger parrots can make a significant mess of their food, of their destroyed toys and any wood they encounter.

Plus larger parrots crave more attention.

Now don’t get me wrong, large parrots have amazing personalities- and it is easier to hug them than it a three-inch tall parrot. But a large parrot requires you embrace a certain life-style that includes noise, constant cleaning and loving. A small or even medium-sized parrot leaves room for you. For you to enjoy your life, to pursue interests other than cleaning and they allow you to enjoy a more peaceful home (if you love a little bit of bird sounds, but don’t like parrot quaking)!

The argument can be made that a smaller parrot is easier to keep healthy and happy, therefore giving you more time to enjoy their incredible personalities. 

Parrots come in a variety of sizes from a couple inches to several feet long (including their tails); but the magical gift of a companion that is keenly personable and loving comes with all of their feathers.

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