Decisions, Decisions! What Parrot Would I Choose?

What a red, green (and a little purple) dream! Eclectus parrots are STUNNING! What a unique and stately-looking bird, but would I add them or the sweet, mini-macaw, a Hahn’s Macaw?

Eclectus Parrots

Oh baby! Do they have a specialized diet! You really have to know what you are feeding your Eckie, as they are called, but I don’t know if most people KNOW what to tell you to feed them. I’ve seen blogs that say they can be given eggs or chicken, for example, but then these parrots wind up sick due to clogged arteries.

No! A healthy Eckie is NOT fed eggs. Or chicken.

They are not given pellets with extra vitamins either – and IF they are fed pellets, it CANNOT be colorful pellets! Eckies don’t do well and their bodies react, causing them to have itchy skin and bite themselves. I would not want to see that!

Eckies need fruits and vegetables! If you are prepared to prepare meals, what a parrot!

Be careful, if you get two, they need SPACE from one-another! A ‘normal’ cage their size won’t cut it. You need to give them lots of space because these parrots can be independent and they like to do their own thing without another parrot buggin’ them!

Hahn’s Macaw

More personable. Our Hahn’s is a rescue and she was the inspiration for Velcro. I swear! You put her down on a perch and she just doesn’t come off! If she does, the Velcro quickly re-sticks!

Yes, our Hahn’s is a people-person. Now part of that comes from her conditioning. I don’t know if she was ever around her own, actual species, but she lived with people for over ten years. Yes, this affects how a parrot sees themselves and how they relate to the world.

I suspect that most Hahn’s Macaws are not quite so needy and clingy, but that they are just as gorgeous, intelligent and playful.

Who Would I Pick?

If I wanted an independent bird and I didn’t mind a special diet, the stunning dimorphic Eclectus pair!

If I wanted to bond more with my parrot and I wanted to be able to give them pellets (so I wasn’t always preparing food) then I’d go for the more social Hahn’s Macaw.

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