Parrot Behavior

If you are religious, it’s because God made them that way.
If you are scientific, it’s because they are highly intelligent.
If you are a parrot owner, it’s because you are providing a great home/environment and they are having a lot of fun!

Happy, healthy birds are creative and curious. They love life and adventure calls to them.
Birds that bite too much… that’s a different story, but it does tell you that they feel they have to¬†

defend themselves more than they should. The question is, how do you increase the feeling of safety and security for them? The answer varies, depending on the bird and what it has experienced- try to give them treats and loving words.

These behaviors apply to children as well. And, for both (children and bitty parrots) punishments never work.
Rehabilitation in birds or healing in children/people coupled with positive experiences and positive reinforcement will allow parrots or people to come back to their more ‘natural’ happy, playful and fun-loving selves.