Toothbrush Terror: Parrots Beware!

Say it aint so!
Toothbrushes, they are filled with bristles, they are colorful and terribly scary!

Why can a toothbrush scare your parrot, so much so that he/she is then scared of you because you were holding the toothbrush? Who knows? Sometimes parrots seem to fear snake-like shapes, maybe it looks dangerous to them.

Hairbrush? Toothbrush? Or Another Parrot Panic-cause

So, what do you do?
Well, when Abby, my daughter’s Green-cheeked Conure got scared by her toothbrush, she allowed Abby to play with it and step on it. This allowed Abby to ‘conquer’ the toothbrush and find that there really was nothing to fear.

My daughter says that the toothbrush did cause Abby to take a step backwards in his training, but she also said that this happens all of the time. Different odd things happen which then take them back to square 1 in their training, but everything goes forward faster.

If you are comfortable with it, how about drilling a hole in a clean toothbrush and hanging it like a toy in your parrot’s cage? Watch to see that your parrot plays with it and isn’t just scared. Also make sure that your parrot isn’t biting off plastic or bristles and eating these. Generally I choose wood toys or toys made out of other natural materials for my parrots, but they do love stealing plastics to bite and chew up. So, if you keep an eye on the toothbrush, it might make a wonderful parrot’s toy.

Parrots perceive the world differently than we do. Part of their perception is based on instinctual survival fears, such as snake-like objects. If you are making progress with your parrot but it then takes a step back, don’t be discouraged. Enjoy the process and enjoy the bonding that you have developed in training your parrot. Parrots are amazing, wonderful creatures. They have a lot to offer when you spend the time creating a relationship – though talking, teaching them tricks, taking care of them (like feeding them or misting them to offer a shower) and being with them. They are wonderful companions who will come to know you well, anticipate what you are doing and even become comfortable with your toothbrush!

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