Don’t Miss Your Parrot’s Signs Of Illness

One of the hardest things for me is missing the signs that something is wrong with my parrot because when parrots get sick, they fall quickly! Fortunately, I’m getting better at catching the subtle – and not so subtle- signs.

In this video, I’ll point out several signs that Lunalove, my Cockatiel parrot, isn’t feeling well.

These include behaviors that are out of the norm for her, like not seeking out her parrot-friend, Tikko, and ‘hiding.’

Lunalove went into the Mac’Girl’s cage (the Macaw’s) while they were out. She was huddling in the corner, the way you and I might crawl into bed or our bedroom to have some quiet time in a darker space that lets us rest.

Lunalove’s eyes look heavy, sleepy.

She’s also fluffed up – you can see her chest feathers are pretty puffy.

Monitor Carefully, They Change Quickly

Fortunately, she’s eating: I feel good about that. She’s being treated, so I expect her to start to look better in a day or so.

Tomorrow I will see a behavioral change- either she will be more of her ‘normal self’ or she’ll be more withdrawn and I’ll know if all is well or if I need to re-visit her treatment with the avian vet.

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