I was watching a Birdtricks video – (

🦜 And I learned that you can give your parrot, especially the cockatoo family (cockatoos, Galahs, Cockatiels) too much fruit and cause fatty liver disease.


I also learned that a vitamin A deficiency can cause kidney failure in parrots, and African Greys are prone to vit A deficiencies.

Double blah and ugh!

A dog 🐕 can eat ANYTHING off your table. They can probably digest it better than us!!!! A parrot🦜, on the other hand, they are a pain in the 🍑 when it comes to feeding them!

You MUST know what you are feeding your parrot!

🥗 Salads made with veggies, yes.
Sweet potato 🥔, yes.

SEEDS seem dangerous! All I hear and see is ONLY use them as treats! Be super careful and DO NOT feed your parrot an all seed or all fruit diet!

Better still, hire a private nutrition investigator! It seems like the only way to make sure your parrot is eating right! Oh? You can’t afford it either? I hear ya….

Ahhhhh! Time for more research and then, soon I’ll be starting a series you can subscribe to on parrot “basics.”
– Translation: basics = Advanced nutrition knowledge for psittacines 🦜! – Plus other real basics on cages, handling parrots, dealing with bites, screams…….

For now, the cockatoo family is prone to getting fat. Feed them A LOT of FRESH FOODs:
-Greens (green leaves like spinach, chard, kale…)
-Veggies (they love sweet potatoes, squash)
-Sprouts and beans
-Limited fruits and seeds – just as treats!

Parrots can get Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) – it will eventually kill them, so keep a healthy, fit parrot by feeding them fresh foods and letting them exercise as much as possible.