Consider The Smartest Animal

All creatures are unique no matter what. But parrots solve problems, use tools – basic markers for high intelligence – AND they can speak

Perhaps you’ve had a cat, dog or hamster- parrots are different! There are some things you should take into account if you are thinking about getting a parrot as a pet.

Parrots Have Needs

Parrots are intelligent! My Mexican Amazon saw us using our utensils at the table, so he picked up my spoon and brought it closer to his mouth to eat my quinoa!

I was just thinking about the fact that my cats are (cuddly and sweet) strictly indoor cats. We walk our dog, but none of our pets have ever required sunshine before. Similar to reptiles, parrots MUST have sunshine daily or a UV full-spectrum light – which should be close to their cage but can burn their cornea! Ah! How do you give them light close to their cage and not hurt their eyes? Sigh! I’ll let you know if I figure it out. In the meantime, I’m putting them outside for at least an hour or so at least twice a week. Their feathers MUST have this sun shine – it is vital to their health. Talk about high maintenance… but there’s more!

Can you imagine taking care of a parrot- with a big hookbeak that can seriously injure you – who is like a toddler? A hookbill-macaw or Cockatoo toddler who will never grow past the toddler stage!

Parrots Are Naturally Loud

Did I say loud? Make that VERY loud. I can’t think of another pet that compares. The noise level and screech does depend on the parrot’s species and size. Small Parrotlets aren’t bad, they are at the bottom of the “Parrot Sound Level’ scale; Macaws and Cocktoos, on the other hand, can burst the sound chart!

What parrots make good apartment parrots? Check out this vid:

Parrots Need Special Diets

In addition to their pellets (as parrots become ill when fed a seed or seed-mix diet), parrots need fresh foods daily (vegetables, green leaves and veggies with beta carotene mostly)-

Parrots Are Messy & Poop Anywhere

Yes, parrots can be trained to poop in a certain place, and they prefer not to get their ‘space’ dirty, but unless you take the time to train them, their food and poop (and their parrot dust/feathers) can make a tidy home a messy home!

Parrots Are Amazing

Yes, they take time, attention – just like a young child – and great care/cleaning, but they are also amazing! Few other pets will talk to you, “Hi Ursulus,” says one Amazon and “Night, night, night!” says the African Grey when it’s dark out, hang out ON your shoulder and share your meals at the table with a spoon in hand!

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